PLS Committees

The Quintin E. Primo, Jr. Lecture Series/Primo Fund for Racial Justice is comprised and organized by a committed community who are focused on empowering the public to take action against racial injustice and reconciliation in their own lives and institutions.

Board of Trustees

Advisory Committee

Cynthia Primo Martin, President
Max S. Bell, Jr., Vice President
Ann Schenck, Vice President
Sheridan Quarless Kingsberry, Ph.D., Secretary
Eva L. Verplanck, Ph.D., Treasurer
Pamela Bell
Sylvia S. Banks
Nicholas L. Cerchio III
Susan Primo Davis, O.D.
Janet Dill
Helen Foss
Muriel E. Gilman
Joshua W. Martin III, Esq.
L. Heather Mitchell
Jeanne Nutter, Ph.D.
Quintin E. Primo III
Winifred P. Primo
Geoffrey Sawyer, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Lanny Edelsohn
The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold III
Ronne Hartfield
Littleton P. Mitchell
The Hon. E. Norman Veasey
The Rt. Rev. Orris G. Walker, Jr.
Roberta Ham Walker, Ph.D.



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