Bishop Primo

The Right Reverend Quintin E. Primo, Jr. (1913-1998)

Bishop Primo was first to serve in many areas: the first president of the National Union of Black Episcopalians; the first black bishop of Chicago; the first bishop to ordain women priests in that diocese; and the first black Episcopal bishop in the Diocese of Delaware.

As he rose through the Episcopal ranks, Bishop Primo was determined his would be a ministry of inclusion. He welcomed women to the priesthood and defended a fellow bishop who ordained a non-celibate gay man.

Bishop Primo held leadership roles in the New York's State NAACP and Commission for Human Rights. He championed the cause of peace, social justice, race relations and reconciliation, always striving to end racism in all parts of life.

Quintin E. Primo, Jr. was a priest, bishop, patriarch, activist, leader, friend, husband, father and grandfather... an incredible human being.



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