About PLS

Since January, 2000, the Quintin E. Primo, Jr. Lecture Series has celebrated the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., with the discussion of race and justice that has brought notable speakers to Wilmington.

In 2004, PLS partnered with a new non-profit - Forum USA Delaware (Forum DE).. Modeled on the very successful Connecticut Forum, Forum DE seeks to encourage the free and active exchange of ideas that inform, challenge, entertain, inspire, and build bridges in our community. The Primo Lectures Series was a major sponsor for the second program held each January from 2004-2006.

In 2003 several members of PLS began the development of the Trustee of Color (TOC) Project. The project will address the need to have of people of color on non-profit boards and the issues stemming form the lack of diversity among boards. Intense research, focus groups, meetings/interviews have been conducted locally and nationally to identify the diversity issues so many boards encounter. The evidence proved that if more organizations have access to professional people of color, the boards would resemble the constituents they serve. Moreover, provide an opportunity for diversity, in which would aid many critical decisions faced by boards today. As of June 2007, TOC has developed significant support from the community and will facilitate a pilot during 2007-2009. With a goal of placing 10-15 people of color on Delaware’s top level boards of trustees and aggressively identifying individuals to be placed into a databank for future placement.

For more information regarding PLS or TOC, please contact Cynthia Primo Martin, cynthia.martin@trusteesofcolor.org.

Click here to vist the TOC website:  www.trusteesofcolor.org





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